Just the essentials

Every few years or so, you get the “if you were on a deserted island . . .” question going through a rotation.  That’s what this week’s Sunday Social reminded me of.  If you had to pick your favorites, and just your favorites, what would they be?

Sunday Social

1. What are 3 items you can’t live without on a daily basis (water, food, shelter, and clothes don’t count)
Yoga shoes, my iPod, and my puppy!

2. What is your all time favorite book? Why?
This is so hard!  I read all the time, and I have so many favorites!  How do you pick just one?  Can you choose an anthology so you get multiple stories or is that cheating?  Do you go for classics like the complete works of Shakespeare or Louisa May Alcott? Humor?  Ooh, the full Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich in one big book! The Bible, because it’s really 66 books and you can always learn from it? 

3. What is something you’d like to accomplish before the end of 2013?
Cleaning out and organizing the back bedroom/scraproom.  Oh, and TAKE/PASS THE STUPID SERIES SEVEN EXAM

4. If you could go back and relive any year of your life which year would it be?
None.  Each year has decisions and consequences that have brought me here.  And many, many of them?  Not a chance I want to go through that garbage again.

5. What do you wish people knew about you without you having to tell them?
That I’m more than my physical appearance.  Sad that so many are that shallow (especially men in a college town), but it’s true.

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