Labor Day Listicle

For some reason, even though I know the calendar says otherwise, I don’t feel like we’ve reached the end of the summer.  Maybe it’s because I don’t have kids and am not gearing up for school?  Maybe it’s because every day in summer has been just like every day in spring?  At a certain point, the days all flow together, you know . . . .

Regardless, today’s Listicle is about saying farewell to summer.  So I bring you:


  1. Turning 40 and gaining a niece on the same day.
  2. Having a brother that is so freakish about privacy and social media that I can’t post an unnamed photo of #1, much less a ‘look who I get to play with when she came to visit me’ photo.  I love him anyway though.
  3. The unseasonable weather.  From wearing jackets and windbreakers at Memorial Day to 105 degrees a week later.  Torrential rains and drought conditions.  Needing an ark to get through the parking lot at work.  Taking the youngun’s berry picking for the first time back in May, but getting windburn.  It’s all nuts.IMG_0366
  4. Being able to take the ‘nephews’ to watch fireworks on the Fourth of July for the first time.
  5. My mom’s rapidly declining health, and working to get her into a drug trial for those with a genetic mutation.  Got approval for the drug trial, trying to get her around New York when she can’t walk.
  6. The rapidly declining condition of my house as I am never home to clean.
  7. Starting new adventures at work as we begin to expand the business into a new arena.
  8. My newfound obsession with the Newsroom.  Yes, it’s shallow.  Yes, I’m obsessed with a television show.
  9. Resolving to not buy new books or movies until I finish reading/watching the ones I’ve got
  10. Rediscovering my love for fresh fruits and vegetables, and discovering new ones that are prepared in ways I enjoy–so I can eat healthier all summer.  Roasted beets, grilled bok choy, caramelized Brussels sprouts, you name it.  I’ve loved it.

4 thoughts on “Labor Day Listicle

  1. Came here from Listicles. I started a garden, too. We got a plot through my husband’s employer and while I think all I’m going to get is tomatoes, it’s still good because I love fresh tomatoes. I think I’m going to plan next year’s garden better, namely, buying tomato cages.

    • Unfortunately, all my veggies came from the market this year. Planted eight tomato plants, a cucumber and a yellow squash. Got three cukes, five squash, and not a single tomato. Mutant squirrels would be sitting on my deck every morning as I went to work feasting away . . . .

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