Inspiration can come from anywhere

It’s really hard to type blog posts on a train with spotty wifi connections.  I’m just sayin’.  Not to mention that I thought it was six things from each color last week–so six red, six orange, etc.  And trying to type that on a spotty wifi connection and rickety railroad tracks was not going my way.  So I gave up.  Too much of a headache to try to keep up.  But this week I love the topic!  We’re down to five things:


  1. The children I work with at church.  They can be so creative, so insightful, so innocent.  And they inspire me every day.
  2. A beautiful piece of music.  It can be Billy Joel, it can be Chopin, it can be Casting Crowns.  Doesn’t matter.  It still works.
  3. A moving speech.  It can be a sermon.  It can be a lecture.  It can be a responsive reading from the Julia Childs life story.
  4. Stunning visuals.  It can be a screensaver.  It can be a Chihuly exhibit.  It can be the cast of Les Misérables singing “One Day More”.  Or all of it.
  5. Stories of great heroics.  Queen Esther.  The serviceman that saved six children.  The stranger that gave me a lift when my car broke down.  All work.

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