So here’s the thing . . . .

I started this blog umpteen years ago (okay, six) with the thought that it would be a bunch of ramblings from my busy brain.  And at times it has been.  I have gone through blogging challenges where you have to blog something every day for forty days.  I have had months where I haven’t posted much of anything.  I discovered the world of linkups last year (how had I not found those before???) and figured that posting three days a week, even if it was mundane facts and thoughts, at least had me writing.

But lately that hasn’t been enough.  I would like to get away from the superficial, list facts about yourself posts and get back to the meatier posts of substance that I used to do.  Not that I don’t like the linkups–I love them.  Sunday Social, the Monday Listicles, the now-defunct Tuesday Topics (which was probably my favorite), and the Wednesday Hodgepodge.  I did them for a majority of last year, but then they started to feel like a chore or something that I was obligated to do and not something I enjoyed doing.

And for lack of a better term, they felt like fluff. 

I don’t keep a blog for fame, I don’t keep a blog for income.  I keep a blog to get thoughts and things out of my head and sort through them.  I do much better with them in writing than I do verbally, and it helps me vent and rant and rave and work through things.

But I need inspiration.  Or at least right now I do.  My brain is not able to focus on anything more than work and the attempt to stay warm in my house.  I need a nudge to post, or a nudge in the form of a topic.  I need that push.

So are there any suggestions?  I have thought about the A-Z Challenge, but that’s not until APRIL.  That’s over two months away!  (And honestly, with my birthday, my niece’s first birthday, (and nephew’s fourth birthday–all three of us on the same day), and another trip to NYC with mom for treatment, there’s not much of a chance that I’ll be able to commit to 26 days during April.)  I’m wondering if there is any kind of “Here’s a topic–go!” that can be used as a springboard for blogging?


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