Avon Calling

Just kidding.

When I was growing up, there was a running joke about home sales ladies.  They sold makeup (Avon vs. Mary Kay) and Tupperware.  Women would kick the men out of the house for the night, have chicken salad in phyllo cups and some stale cookies, and apply frosted blue eyeshadow around the dining room table. There were a few rebels, like one of my best friends.  She’s sold BeautiControl for gosh, almost twenty years now.  But for the most part, this was it.

No, wait, there was also Amway.  Can’t forget them.

But now?  Now you have so much more.  Thirty-One.  Tastefully Simple.  ::ahem:: Adult-themed products.  Avon.  Mary Kay.  Spongewear.  Southern Living.  Lia Sophia.  Pampered Chef.  Origami Owl.  Scentsy.  Longaberger.  Seven hundred different scrapbooking companies.  A thousand different health food supplement companies.  Can’t count the number of personal grooming companies.  Books.  Baby supplies.  More adult toys.

I’ve never been enticed to become a consultant for any of these.  Avon burns my skin, I’m allergic to a lot of the Mary Kay products.  I used a lot of BeautiControl until my friend moved away almost 20 years ago, and then found alternatives.  Even though we live in the same town now, I’ve never gone back.  I bought Pampered Chef (yes, including the pizza stone), but once you buy it, you don’t need another.  I have more Thirty-One bags than I could ever need.  I like Tastefully Simple parties, but honestly, all their mixes (in my opinion) are made to make mediocre cooks look like they’re doing a better job.  I am a decent if not good cook.  I don’t need one vial of Taco Seasoning to use on chicken/fish/pork/potatoes/corn and make all my food taste the same.  (I do like their bread, though!)  I’ve had roommates that sold Creative Memories, Party Lite, and spa products.  I have friends that have gone from books to Scentsy and Thirty-One, or from PartyLite to Mary Kay.  One right after the other.  Some work it as a business.  Some do it on the side.  Some rely on Facebook to sell all their products and never do home parties.

I’ve never considered doing this myself, though.  Plus I couldn’t understand why you’d be a consultant for any of the one-and-done companies.  Sure, the stuff is great, but once you sell it to a person you’re done.  Makeup at least makes sense, because if they like the product they have to keep coming back to replenish and you’re guaranteed sales.  I’ve had my pizza stone for almost fifteen years.  No need to buy another one.

So now, at the age of 40, I am seriously contemplating becoming a consultant for a newer company.  I don’t know anyone that is a consultant for this particular company personally.  In fact, I reached out to the six women that the website shows living in the thirty mile radius that are consultants and asked them their thoughts.  Two of them have responded, but both have only been at it five months or less.  So no help there.  It’s something that I would personally use, I think I could maybe get my mom to use on occasion, and maybe a friend or two.  I’m not interested in building a mega business, but am trying to see what kind of benefit I might be able to maintain.

Does anyone have any experience being a consultant for a in-home sales business?  Any bad experiences?  Why did you get into the company you sold for?  How long have you been there, or how long did you work there before you left?  Why did you leave?

I’m so darn analytical.  I’m so wary of making a financial investment (and it’s not a lot, in my opinion) that I want to get answers before I take the plunge.  Any feedback would be appreciated!!!

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