Did I Watch the 2016 State of the Union?

Yes.  Yes I did.

And the irony is that I would not consider myself politically obsessed.  I have friends that are.  Friends that are married to people that are.  Friends that have no idea I have voted for a Democrat, or they’d disown me.  Friends that have no idea members of my family have been elected to office to hold a Republican seat, or they’d never speak to me again.

Case in point:  My first thought watching the preamble mumbo jumbo tonight was that they had yet to show a man wearing something other than a red tie.  So then of course I became obsessed in trying to find one.

And then of course the President himself appears and was not, and the red tie obsession came to an end.

So here are my thoughts as they came to me watching the SotU:

  • Michelle Obama looks beautiful in that color, it was so nice to see someone on the house floor that was wearing color, but she always looks good.
  • I’m already annoyed by the incessant applause.  But Obama says it will be shorter, so yay!
  • In some ways, I think bipartisanship is a pipe dream.  It would be nice if people voted what they cared for, but it feels like it recently is all about voting against the minority party, Republican rule, etc.
  • Didn’t we have the Equal Pay discussion decades ago?  And wasn’t it ‘resolved’ then?  But yes, still an issue.  And this country is abysmal in our paid leave policies.  It needs to be changed.  Good luck with that.
  • We may have emerged stronger and better from adversity in the past.  But lately adversity is leading to brokenness and despair and not serving the purpose of education and reform.
  • After being one of the unemployed during this presidency, I’m not so sure I agree with all his statements.  I do think that the number of people claiming unemployment each week is decreasing, but the largest reason for that is because the benefit runs out not because they have found a job.  They just lose the right to claim.
  • Pre-K, yes.  Free, yes.  College affordable, preach!
  • Two years of community college?  Yes.  I’ve long said the Germans have it right.  Two years of military or civil service required after graduating from high school, and then if you choose to continue to college it’s paid for.
  • As one that had to empty out her retirement to cover her unemployment, I’m totally on board with this one.  And these new Social Security reforms are insane, it should be strengthened.  Reinstate the file and suspend/spousal benefit option.
  • Well damn!  Everyone is standing to agree that there is red tape that should be cut.  Good grief.  If you all agree, DO SOMETHING about it!
  • “Food stamp recipients didn’t cause the financial crisis.”  Ha!  That’s good.  Props.
  • Okay, analogy about development of space program was pretty good.  Props there.
  • A new national effort to “Get ‘er  done”.  Did anyone else start to hear Larry the Cable Guy say that?
  • Medical research is critical: truth.  More props.
  • I can’t believe people still think global warming is a hoax.  And yes, we’re behind the ball on fixing it.
  • When talking about the cuts in our carbon emissions, it was interesting to see the floor stand.  Or to be specific, the Democratic half.  Which ironically was sitting on the right.
  • Darn, even Paul Ryan applauded when talking about our troops being superior.  First time he did something other than smirk.
  • “People do not look to Beijing or Moscow to lead, they call us”.  Sounds like an AT&T commercial.
  • (Sorry, got distracted.  Missed all the terrorism stuff.)
  • Damn, Ruth V-G has firmly crossed over from old to ancient! (and she might even be asleep).
  • Ha!  He had Kim Clark, the nutjob court clerk, there to flash to when he was talking about how basic government falls apart when we fail to compromise or listen to an opposing point of view.  More props.  And I’ll bet she thought it was an honor to be there and here she is as a prime example of all that is wrong with those that think they know best and listen to no one else.  Because you better believe that God is not telling her to act in this manner.  She’s telling herself.
  • “The world respects us not just for our arsenal; it respects us for our diversity and our openness and the way we respect every faith.”  But sometimes the world doesn’t know us very well.  I’d like to live in this country, but lately it feels like we aren’t there any more.
  • Gerrymandering is an issue today?? Noooo.  You don’t say.  You want to fix it?   Find a politician that is willing to redraw his lines to be unfavorable to him.
  • Okay, aside here.  How can we make it easier to vote?  You go to the polling location, give them your ID, stand in the booth, and make your choice.  It’s not hard people.
  • I think Paul Ryan’s ears have grown since this speech started over an hour ago. . . .
  • You know, Obama is young enough, and has a wife that isn’t politically ambitious, that it is going to be interesting to see what he has for his next career post-executive office.  He has the potential to really do something and make a statement in a completely different position.
  • Still talking about our responsibility as citizens to vote.  And yes, we have that responsibility.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  Complain all you want about the government, but only if you participate in the process.  If you don’t vote, shut the hell up.
  • He’s bloviating.  But I’ll insert here that it seems like he is really doing a decent job of putting it on the citizens of this country and not do a ‘yearly goals’ kind of thing as in years past.
  • It really looks like there is a giant silver shoe in front of Paul Ryan.
  • Has Paul Ryan moved at all other than to stand to acknowledge the awesomeness that is the US armed forces?
  • Ooh!  We’re done!

Okay, seriously?  Didn’t mention the 10 Navy sailors that are being held in Iran?

Ooh, Republican response.  South Carolina elected an woman for governor?  Who is of Indian decent?  Go on them!!!

  • You know, these responses always crack me up.  They are written so far in advance of the speech that they seem disingenuous.
  • We’re on the fifth topic, and I can’t tell you a word this chick has said.  She has a perfect political voice . . . .  And it’s one that would put me to sleep it’s so practiced.
  • Okay, yeah, the response to the church shooting in Charleston was awesome.  Forgiveness, healing, and support to unite against the hate that caused the crime.
  • Noise =/= results.  Truth.
  • Interesting that she emphasized the 2nd and 10th Amendments.  Isn’t the 10th Amendment what got South Carolina in trouble back in the mid 1800s?

Okay, pundits are on.  I have to chew on this a bit and see what I think . . . .  What about you?  Your thoughts?


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