Did I Finish Anything?

Yes!  Finally!  I did!

My friend was pregnant, and I wanted to make her a blanket.  So I started it in June I think.  She wasn’t due until mid-September, so I figured I had plenty of time.

Let’s be honest, I was delusional.

2015 was a year of frustration with all the studying I had to do (unsuccessfully, I might add).  So that sucker came with me everywhere.  Lunchroom at work.  Fireworks display in a big grassy field.  Train to New York.  Memorial Sloan Kettering waiting rooms.  You name it.

I finally took it with me to church during the Christmas production.  That did it.  I finished!  (And I will post photo here once I take it!)

As penance, however, I also made this.  The nursery was decorated in shades of yellow and green with a Nintendo theme, so I figured this was appropriate!  And I think he just might be the cutest stuffed animal I’ve done yet.  He’s about 16 inches tall, and just adorable!  You can get the pattern I used here in Ami Amour’s Etsy shop.  Super easy to follow, and worked up pretty quickly.  (Although I have to say if I ever have to try and get the fingers on in a straight line again I might strangle someone.)



So I guess technically, I didn’t finish in 2015.  But I’m still proud of the thing.  And hopefully my friend will be too when she gets it next week!

I’m determined to not buy anything new to do this year.  So right now I’m making a scarf from the yarn I got by supporting the kickstarter campaign of a new yarn company completely made in the USA.  Then I’m finishing the playmat for my brother’s kids.  Then I would like to make a blanket for the girl that is graduating from high school this year that has helped me at church since she was in 7th grade.  And then I want to finish the blanket that’s been in the closet for four years waiting for me to finish it.  And then there is the temperature blanked from 2015 (slightly funny looking as the warmest year on record) and my almost-done sky scarf . . . .

You get the picture . . . .

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