April, 2008 [modified January, 2013]

What do you want to know?

I’m a thirty-something single female living in the south.

Virginia Tech grad (GO HOKIES!–thus the name of the blog) with concentrations in American History, Family & Child Development, and English Grammar. But I don’t teach, so aside from being retentive regarding spelling and proper comma placement it doesn’t serve me much. Have an MBA also.

No kids, unless a two year old black lab/pit bull mix puppy counts. I managed to kill every goldfish I owned within six months.

Anything else?

I’m a pop culture junkie: love movies, books, (good) tv, music, theater, etc. I am a college football fanatic, think that kite flying should be sanctioned as an Olympic sport, and good luck getting a response from me every other year when the Olympics are on TV–combining two of my favorite things can put me out for days. I think that TiVo is one of the worlds greatest inventions, and I’m hard pressed if I have to choose between it and my iPod. I am an insane trivia buff, love to play card/board games, and heaven help you if I lose, because I will be out for blood! I can lose myself for hours in a hammock on a great fall afternoon reading a book, looking up at the sky, taking a nap, knitting for awhile, and pondering all the chores whose completion I am procrastinating.  If I’m outside and have a camera handy, watch out, though I keep forgetting it at family/friend gatherings.  But once I take the photos I have a ball scrapbooking.  It’s a great stress reliever, and I thank my friend C. for introducing me to it–I have avoided many dramas in my life by simply retreating into a world of paper and pictures.  Although I have to say that yarning might be taking over from scrapbooking as the preferred method of stress relief.  I’ll let you know, though, when the knitted objects outnumber the photo albums!

I think that in general I’m not as good as I should be and it goes without saying that I am far from perfect. I try to be good, though, as a daughter, sister, friend, coworker, leader, and most of all as a Christian.

Any other questions?

3 thoughts on “About

  1. I was catching up on your list for Monday Listicles. The blog name did catch my eye. I live in the Radford area here in Virginia and of course am a Hokie fan. I love scrapbooking too!! Great list btw.

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