I’m living the life of the Morton’s salt girl

You know, as in “When it rains, it pours!”

In July, I lose my job due to “corporate restructuring”.  That’s just a fancy way of saying I was fired, dismissed, laid off, pink slipped, told to skedaddle, or basically told to hit the road.  I have had job interviews out the ying yang via phone, Internet, in person, you name it.  The economy is tanking, and I am panicking because we’re into October–I’m truly afraid that nothing is going to happen until after the first of the year because of the economy, the election, the holidays, and the fiscal year end of many of the companies.

So if you had asked me to make a list of everything that I thought could possibly go wrong in my life once I lost my job I would have had things on my list like ‘mom gets sick’, ‘grandmother gets neurotic and is in the hospital again’ (check, actually happened), ‘car blows a gasket’, things like that.  Never in a million years would I have expected the things that have happened over the last four weeks to have been anywhere near the top 50 on that list. Continue reading

Seven Years Ago Today

I was sitting at my desk, working like it was a normal Tuesday.  Two days prior I had returned from a trip to San Francisco and Carmel Valley, where my cousin and I flew to visit my brother while he was training.  I was still trying to play catch up for the week, and was swamped with paperwork.

The phone rang, and it was my boss’s son.  He asked if we were ‘watching this on TV’.  Not knowing what ‘this’ was, I said no.  He explained that the first plane had crashed into the WTC.  In between the time the phone rang and the time we found a TV, the second plane crashed.  All work, in essence, stopped for the day. I had a boss who had a sister and a cousin that worked in those buildings, he was freaked out.  Another boss had a sister that worked on the 45th floor of the first tower struck.  She had a doctor’s appointment that morning, and had not gone to work yet.  I had a sister (stepsister) that, until September 1, had lived in lower Manhattan and had extensive contacts with those that worked in those buildings.

Then the news that a plane hit the Pentagon.  With a brother in the military and many friends in government work, I was freaked out.  That one bothered me a bit more.  I have friends that live on the Hill.  I have friends that live across the river and could see the building smoking. Finally, the news of a plane diverted by heroic passengers to crash in Pennsylvania.

It was a trying day for everyone.  Nobody wanted to be alone, and everyone wanted to know what on earth was going on.

At the time, my friend Plenipotentiary was a single mother to a seven month old boy.  She, much more so than I, had many friends and family in the DC area and was equally in shock.  We knew the President was going to speak that evening and while neither one of us liked his politics or agreed with a thing he had done since the day he arrived in office, we wanted to hear what he had to say.

We went to a local Irish pub down the street from where I lived at the time.  I remember sitting there, with the baby, all of us having dinner watching the replay over and over and over again on the giant TV screen in the corner.  When George Bush came on, the entire restaurant went silent.  The kitchen staff came out to hear what was said, the waiters quit trying to hustle tables, the college students quit trying to hustle women, and we all–for a single moment–just listened.

I don’t remember what the President said that night, I don’t remember what we talked about at the table.  I can’t say that I became a supporter of George Bush after the events of September 11, 2001 or that I even fully comprehended at the time exactly what had motivated these happenings.  I just remember that in the evening of an event that has turned into a ‘where were you when’ moment, I was with family–both familiar and strangers.  I was with those that were as confused as I, those that were as baffled as I, and those that were as needy as I was that night.  I was with a pseudo-sister, and we drew comfort from just being in the presence of one another.  And most of all, I remember looking at her baby boy, thinking about the world that this beautiful child was going to grow up in and wondering if it had changed forever.

Why I Read

There are two groups of people: bibliophiles and those that read a book a year if they’re lucky.  There are many levels of bookworms, from the collector to the packrat to the obsessive, and I’m not sure where I fall.  I do, however, read every day.  Sometimes I finish a book in one sitting, sometimes I just get a few pages in.  I usually have several books going at a time–one for the home ‘library’, one for the car, and one for when I’m tired of TV.  But I read.  I read a lot.

Awhile ago I was asked to provide, in writing, why I was one of the ones that read instead of one of the ones that chose not to lose themselves in the written word.  Here is my response (and I’ve not got the faintest idea where the last bit of it came from!):

Why I read Continue reading

To post, or not to post? (AKA what do the unemployed do?)

I have struggled with this question all day, actually.  See, things were going okay in my life.  I had a job I was dang good at, I had a debt payment plan all worked out for my life, and then I had the joyous event of being laid off today.  I think that the only good thing that came out of it was that I was one of the first to go, and that I didn’t witness the bloodbath that came afterwards.  I know of at least six VPs or higher that went, and another two dozen minimum.  And that’s just the beginning.  By going early, I was told to not even finish my lunch (I was eating at my desk today because I had to leave early for the vet with the @#$%^! cat), don’t worry about packing up my desk, just come back on Saturday and pack it all in.

Yeah, so I’ve shed a lot of tears in the last ten hours.  I was fine until someone asked me, “Are you okay?”.  Well, no, stupid lady, I just got the boot, of course I’m not okay!  I am unemployed!  Eleven years with the company and my boss cannot even do me the courtesy of looking me in the eye, instead he is handed a script–in front of me, no less–and reads from it instead of talking to me directly.  Putz.

Sorry, strong language, I know.

So I’ve just finished sending off my resume to four friends, have a list of people to call in the AM, and need a job.  I’m okay for about a month, but after that it’s going to have to be back at the restaurants if I cannot find anything.  And that, my dears, is the last thing I want. Continue reading

I completely missed my anniversary!

Okay, it was officially at 60 days.  But hey!  Today marks the 64th day of consecutive posting!  I accomplished my goal, which was to write something every day for 60 days.

Granted there were some items that were obviously forced (Ashton Kutcher’s Nikon commercial, anyone?) because, let’s face it, the tedium of my summer is immense.

But I’m proud of myself, and it did certainly give me something to vent with on occasion.  I even had fun with the news postings.

Will I continue posting every day?  I don’t know, but I don’t have to feel guilty if I don’t any more.  Will I still use this as a location to vent, unload, ponder, wonder, emote, and express?  Yeah, definitely.

I think as long as it doesn’t feel like a hassle or a problem trying to post, then yes I’ll keep it.  I know that some topics were stretched, but at the same time it was nice to be able to sort out my thought processes without burdening my friends.

It’s been fun!  And here’s to sixty (four) days!!!

Tag! I’m it!

Okay, so I am surfing over to see how my friend is doing and see if there are any new photos of the girls, and what do you know dang it the girl called me out!  Like we haven’t all seen this in email format over and over again, now it’s in blog format?  But okay, here goes:

Favorite person (outside of family): Outside of family?  That’s just not fair.  Too many of my good girlfriends to pick just one.  Alphabetically there’s B, C, C, C, V, H, and a few others that are very important to me.

Favorite food: fresh fruit and veggies, milk–does that count as a food?  Okay, frozen milk–i.e., ice cream.

Quirks about you: Ha!  I so have more than one. Continue reading

Hey everyone!

Okay, so I finally caved. I am creating a blog.

God help me.

I read blogs for many of my friends, but always thought that for just me it was a waste of time. Well, today I changed my mind.

You ever just get the feeling that you want to rant? Need a giant soapbox that allows you to vent, get everything off your mind, and then feel better with no worries? Just go on with life? So yeah, I signed up for a blog. Blame Plenipotentiary for the format, I think hers is one of the easiest ones I read so I came to wordpress. Liked what I saw, so here I am.

Blame me, blame Cam, blame the Olympics (which was the soapbox du jour), blame the grammar girl in me, but here I am, so look out everyone!

I might be here to stay.