Okay, Okay, I Registered

I keep getting emails that I need to ‘get with the times’ from my friends.  I personally wasn’t a great fan of the Bloglovin’ platform, I prefer my MyYahoo! RSS feed.  But it’s not like it’s a bad thing to be registered.  So I am.  Here’s the link.

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What is this blog for, anyway?

I will be the first to admit that I don’t blog like I used to, and when I do it’s on my private site.  I don’t know if Facebook has taken away the need to have a place to post random thoughts and silliness, or if I just don’t have the time.  The truth of the matter is, though, that I still miss it.  And while I love to read blogs, I just don’t necessarily have time to write blog entries.  I’ve also noticed that more and more the blogs that I read are craft related.

I somehow stumbled onto the blog for Sew Many Ways.  I don’t remember how–maybe it was through Crafty Storage?  And of course I added it to the RSS feeder.  (Yes, I still use an RSS feeder.  So sue me.  I like it.)  The most recent posting was asking about the crafty in you–post a link to something crafty you have done and shared on your blog.  I had to go WAYYYYYY back to find the posting about my afghan!  Evidently, while I knit and crochet and cook and sew and scrapbook and so on, I just don’t blog about that stuff.

Hmmmm.  Something might have to change there!  In the meantime, I’m off to try and find photos of that yummy bread pudding that I had, and I’m claiming my Sew Darn Crafty button with pride.  I promise to post more, with photos, of my accomplishments!!!!

I’ve lost my blogging buddy! :(

When I jump started this blog back in January, it was with a friend who had just started a new blog herself but didn’t know what to do or if she would even write.  I offered her the same challenge that had been given to me–to write something every day for a specified period of time, and I would do it with her.

Unfortunately, my blogging friend (who is still in high school) has had a difficult time these last few months, and has not been able to use a computer for blogging for the last several weeks.  Without that accountability, I, too, have fallen short.

The sad thing is, the challenge was for 60 days.  I made it for 56.  Four days short.  I realize that once I started ushering for Wicked that there wasn’t much in my life that was, well, blogworthy, but that is still no excuse to stop blogging like that.  I feel that I not only let my friend down I also let myself  down by not living up to the 60 day challenge.  So I owe myself four more blog postings.  I don’t know if I’ll be back to daily yet, but I’ll make an effort to not be silent.

One down, four to go to fulfill my promise!

“You, too, can change your life in just 60 days!”

When I first began this blog in April 2008 (yikes!) it was with the challenge to write something every day for sixty days.  I accepted the challenge, and while there were some nights where I was on the verge of listing my supper contents to qualify for a posting I managed to post something every day for sixty days–and then some.  I grew to enjoy the mental exercise and had a lot of fun with this little website.  Once my employment status changed, however, there was a significant decrease in the number of posts that came up.  I no longer ‘collected’ interesting news stories with the intent of publishing a roundup in a posting, I didn’t have scraps of paper with fun ideas or topics I wanted to discuss, and basically with all that was going on in my life I had other things on my mind.  I had a hard time finding ways to communicate with my friends, much less with the unknown three or four people out there in cyberspace that stumbled across my blog.  Occasionally I’d have a rant I needed to vent, questions or theological issues I was struggling over, a charming story to share . . . but for the most part I was just silent.

Love, Kay

Well after today, my fair friends, that shall change.  A young friend of mine has started her own blog, which you can find over at Love, Kay.  One of her first entries cracked me up, Continue reading

this-was-awesome-time-to-grow-up (original blog post from tomato nation)

25 And Over

If you have reached the age of 25, I have a bit of bad news for you, to wit: it is time, if you have not already done so, for you to emerge from your cocoon of post-adolescent dithering and self-absorption and join the rest of us in the world. Past the quarter-century mark, you see, certain actions, attitudes, and behaviors will simply no longer do, and while it might seem unpleasant to feign a maturity and solicitousness towards others that you may not genuinely feel, it is not only appreciated by others but necessary for your continued survival. Continuing to insist past that point that good manners, thoughtfulness, and grooming oppress you in some way is inappropriate and irritating.

Grow up. Continue reading