Who can understand canines?

So I just don’t get it.  I have a wonderfully well behaved dog.  Nothing unusual about her, save her age and the associated issues that are related.  But there is just one thing I do not understand.

Why, oh why, must she dive into the trash can?

I can be at home and not leave the house for four days.  No problems with the dog.  I walk to the mailbox, come back, and the trash bag is wrong-side out (but still in the can) and the trash is all over the house.  I can go to pick tomatoes out of the plant in the back yard and I have got eggshells, tea leaves, bad cheese, and whatever other contents of my garbage strewn all over the kitchen, dining room, and living room.

Why is this?  Is it the equivalent of a 4 year old going into the forbidden candy jar when mommy is taking a nap or on the phone? She is very well behaved at other times, but this just drives me nuts!

Family Stays at Three

So my lovely puppy is actually turning 13 in January. I have talked for awhile about getting another while she is still in good form, so that she can help with training. Two weeks ago, I found the dog. A friend told me of a beagle/deerhound mix that was up for grabs and I made arrangements for him to be at my house as of tomorrow (12/06/08). All was good. I bought food, leashes, etc., and enjoyed my Thanksgiving holiday.

Then I find out Monday AM she went to my friend’s husband, who she works with, and starting saying all kinds of things like I work too much, she didn’t know what to make of me, she wasn’t sure it was going to work, etc. My friend called me to say if I wanted the dog I should call right away because of the conversation. This made me more than just a bit upset, seeing as how she had called me before Thanksgiving and said “I don’t like this other lady, I really, really want you to have the dog.” What caused the sudden about face? I thought it extremely tacky that she would go to someone else like that, involving someone else in the procedure.

Then this morning, before 7AM, I get a phone call. She has bonded with the dog and just cannot bear to part with him. I understand that, however I still think it was not only poor form to call me at the crack of dawn but to wait until Friday.

I still want another puppy to join the family, but I have to say that this lady left a bad taste for the whole procedure.

Poor Puppy/Scientology

What do these two things have in common?

Absolutely nothing.

I was logging into my WordPress account and saw the name Jason Beghe.  I have always liked him as an actor, so I clicked on the site.  Wow.  It’s an 8 part interview about how he got sucked into Scientology and why he left the organization.  To sum: it’s a brainwashing mind suck.  Very interesting.  So my plans of laundry and housecleaning tonight got stuck listening to this thing.  I mean, I have always thought that Scientology was a bunch of bunk.  I used to be a youth minister, and was actually advised to not even speak to a sixth grader that had grown up in Scientology.  I thought that was appalling, but as I didn’t know anything about the “religion” I started reading.  And it is the biggest scam that is currently running.  But watch the interview with Beghe.  It’s quite interesting.

As for the dog, here’s the photos.  Poor puppy.  She’s such a mess.

Doesn’t she just look miserable?

My dog has OCD

So I have a mutt. A combo of chocolate lab and husky, mostly, with a bit of a pit bull thrown in. We know her mom was a pure chocolate lab, we think her dad was a neighborhood runt. And my dog has OCD.

She has a lick granuloma on her right paw. Half the time I can’t even properly pronounce the term, but that is what it is. From what I’ve learned, a granuloma is when the dog will simply lick at a spot on her paw. From that, a behavior is learned. The dog will lick the hair and skin off so that it is a raw, oozing mess. Evidently common in larger dogs, it frequently is a response to boredom, stress, etc. Trust me, my dog has none of those issues. She’s simply got OCD. I think it’s the endorphin high from licking (also a common symptom). I’ve even seen her do it in her sleep. Continue reading