Wickedly Awesome

I promise, this is the last time that I will write on this stupid show. 🙂

So tonight was Wicked #5 of 11 (I think).  I was assigned to direct on the balcony level, which is rare.  So rare, in fact that I had to get a MAP.  I think it’s been seven years since I’ve even been ON the balcony level, much less worked up there.  So learning experience, right?  Always fun.  The good thing is that the work is significantly less.  I was almost relaxed even!  And because of the no-door structure, I was even able to SEE the show.  Like the WHOLE show.  From beginning to end.


So much fun.

Tomorrow night, back to the madness on the downstairs level.

Wicked tired!

So I was supposed to have a relaxing Saturday.  No worries, no problems, just hanging out with friends.

That got canceled.  Instead I ended up back at the Mosque, for about eleven hours, helping with Wicked.

It’s a fabulous show, but I am beat.  People complaining because of their seats being broken, an usher made them mad, an usher stole their  credit card/ID, it’s exhausting!

I’m going to bed!

Unadulterated Loathing for Wicked

I volunteer at several of the local theaters (or theatre, depending on the locale).  I love doing it, even for the shows that I have no desire to see.  Last night was the first night of a three-week run for Wicked–something that is unheard of in this town.  Most shows only get a week showing.  But this one, well, it sold out for all three weeks.  So cool!  The problem is that, as a volunteer, I have to work 5-8 shows during the three-week run.  I guess it’s not so much of a problem, it’s really fun, it’s just a lot in three weeks.

Anywho, I was VERY impressed with the traveling show.  Plus, in the theater house that was built in 1926, it has one of the BEST sounds of any show I’ve ever seen there.  I don’t know how they did it–but I am thrilled that they were able to coax sound out of every nook and cranny of the house and maximize it for their use.

The thing that cracked me up is that it is the most regimented, strict, and particular show I have ever worked in terms of late seating.  The minute the house lights go down, there is NO movement in the house.  Everyone has to stand outside for the first eight minutes, and if they don’t make it in then, they have to stand out for another eight.  VERY particular.

Today I worked two shows.  It is rare to have a weekday matinée–especially since in the city parking is at a premium.  There is a parking garage across the street, but it is filled with students from VCU who are currently in class.  So it was a DISASTER trying to get people in on time.  Then trying to get them out in time to let people in for the next show, well, let’s just say I think I walk a faster mile than these people were driving.

The second show, however, reinforced the fact that people today have no idea how to behave in public.  We told you that if you went to get a glass of wine there would be a chance you would have to stand outside and wait for late seating.  You didn’t listen and went anyway.  So now you have to stand with the other people and wait until the cue to go is given.  I can’t help it if you know where you seats are, nor do I care.  My instructions are to keep the door shut, and that is what I do.  Do not curse me out for it.  Likewise, it is not my fault that you showed up at 7:45 for a 7:30 show.  The show even started at 7:41 to accommodate those that were having problems getting there on time.  The radio and TV all told you “go early”.  The gentleman on the front row who was amazed that so many people had showed up already for an 8:00 show only to be told it was a 7:30 show was even there on time.  Also, it is not my fault that people one door down did not follow instructions and let people in early.  Trust me, I watched them get yelled at by the production company.  Just because they opened their door does not mean I will open mine early.  Please understand the situation I am in–I am following the directions of the people on stage.  If we do not follow directions, we will be unable to get shows like this again.  I understand that seats went between $60-$125 on the lower level, and I’m sorry that your bladder wouldn’t wait until intermission.

IT’S NOT MY FAULT IF YOU WERE MAD.  I was just doing my job, and I just ask that you remember that.

Off my soapbox now….

Sometimes, the city gets it right

Living where I do, in a town that has three other major towns within a two hour drive and several more within four hours, we get passed by on a regular basis. For someone like me who is a major theater junkie, that means that we frequently get passed by for various touring entertainment acts–concerts, plays, musicals, you name it.

But tonight was an exception.

Ever since BACI went bankrupt a few years ago we have not had many opportunities to enjoy touring Broadway shows. Well, for two nights, we got The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. (The third night was canceled for some reason). And it was a great blast of fun.

I have had the soundtrack ever since it won the Tony for best actor in a musical a few years ago, so I knew the words. Good thing, because the acoustics at the Mosque sucked as usual. Sorry, but it’s true. That place is just horrible for sound. But B, NoMH, and I had a blast, and it was a great way to kick off my vacation.

That’s right, I’m on vacation. My daddy is coming to town to power wash the house and help me clean out the yard (he keeps saying that is what husbands are for, and while NoMH helps it just doesn’t count) so I’m loving the fact that he’s coming down.

So hey! Great vacation thus far! Doesn’t get better than Broadway musicals!!!