I completely missed my anniversary!

Okay, it was officially at 60 days.  But hey!  Today marks the 64th day of consecutive posting!  I accomplished my goal, which was to write something every day for 60 days.

Granted there were some items that were obviously forced (Ashton Kutcher’s Nikon commercial, anyone?) because, let’s face it, the tedium of my summer is immense.

But I’m proud of myself, and it did certainly give me something to vent with on occasion.  I even had fun with the news postings.

Will I continue posting every day?  I don’t know, but I don’t have to feel guilty if I don’t any more.  Will I still use this as a location to vent, unload, ponder, wonder, emote, and express?  Yeah, definitely.

I think as long as it doesn’t feel like a hassle or a problem trying to post, then yes I’ll keep it.  I know that some topics were stretched, but at the same time it was nice to be able to sort out my thought processes without burdening my friends.

It’s been fun!  And here’s to sixty (four) days!!!