Facebook stalker!

My mother defines this phrase.

For a  year, she had been pestering my brother and I about Facebook.  “What’s all the fuss” “Why do you spend so much time on the computer” blah blah blah blah.  We gave her many reasons–ways to catch up with people, ways to keep in touch with those that live far away, ways to stay in contact with those that live overseas and therefore ones we’d never have a chance to hear from otherwise.  She didn’t get it.  So my brother finally set her up on Facebook about four months ago so that she could mess around.

She has 14 friends.  She claims she doesn’t want any more.  All of them are either relatives or friends from my brother or me.

Yet weekly, sometimes daily, I get a voice mail or email saying “Go check out ____’s page!”  It cracks me up.  She who bemoans the lack of privacy and the fact that nothing is personal any more spends HOURS every day looking up her high school acquaintances, old boyfriends of mine, children of people from church, spouses of children of former coworkers, you name it.  And she LOVES to dish about what she finds.

Don’t get me wrong, I think that if you’re going to keep your Facebook profile set to public then you have every right to expect people to read the infinite minutiae of your life.  But there is a limit on what I want to know.  If I wanted to know what my mother’s former coworker’s son’s wife’s brother had for breakfast, then I’d look it up.  I’m just tired of having her send me all this info.  I have enough friends on Facebook, I don’t need to look up random facts of people I’ve never met.

Now, to top it off, I’m getting phone calls about my OWN Facebook activity.  “You shouldn’t have that for a potential employer to see”.  “You shouldn’t post things like that someone will break into your house and rob you blind”. “You make too many comments about your cousin”. “Why do you talk to your church friends so much on Facebook?”.  It goes on and on.  First of all, a potential employer wouldn’t look at anything more than my photo on my Facebook page, thanks to the privacy settings.  That’s what LinkedIn is for–the professional contacts.  The stuff on Facebook is for those that I hang out with, those that are from my past that I don’t mind keeping in touch with, and those that I call family that are close enough to be connected.  I hang out with my friends from church, therefore I post that I’m going to meet them/they’ve come over whatever.  If someone that is on my friend list uses that as an opportunity to break into my house, well, first they’d have to find out where I live and then second it doesn’t say much for my friend base, does it?

Just random venting about this.  I know it’s a tiny thing, but it irks the hell out of me.  And most of all it has me wondering . . . is it wrong to de-friend my mother on Facebook?

Thoughts on Facebook

Is it just me, or has Facebook become the new method of blogging for the ADHD Twitter set?

I enjoy my blog. It allows me to be creative in some form, to express opinions on matters that are pertinent at that particular point in my life, and to post items that are newsworthy at that day and time. Basically, it’s a catch all for me to have conversations with myself to pass the time.

I also enjoy Facebook, and have found that it has kept me from losing my mind while unemployed by providing endless sources of thoughtless entertainment.

Yet as I grow more and more obsessed with reading status updates, it seems to me that it is another method of providing instant updates in miniblog form. Photos from Christmas. Photos from the Superbowl party (guilty). Status updates on how it is time to tackle Mt. Laundry. A posting on 25 things you may/may not know (also guilty). A joke that someone told that made those that know you well laugh along with you and the original jokester.  Top 5 lists.  What people are doing at every second of every day.  It is as if there isn’t enough time to form a full thought so I get to learn about J’s consumption of an entire sleeve of Thin Mints in one sitting while simultaneously learning that M is annoyed with the latest American Idol voting results.

So here is the question: has a personal blog become a thing of the past?

Not cool at all!

So there are hundreds of obscure and odd groups on Facebook. Some funny, some serious, some nostalgic, some for a cause. I was a member of one known as “I Only Know How Many Minutes Are In A Year Because of RENT”. Cracked me up as a monument to the totally overplayed, but still loveable song.

Someone changed the name over the weekend to “JonBenét Ramsey: Good Riddance.” Now tell me, what does that have to do with RENT? Then the group changing continued: next was “I know that God punishes gays with Aids and death only because of RENT”. And heaven forbid that idiot has a typo so they changed it again to “I know that God punishes gays with AIDS and death only because of RENT”. What was a group that was for those of us that loved RENT and yet recognized its overexposure and the fact that we can totally make fun of ourselves has now become something that, I dare say, the majority of the members would never support if they paid attention to the changes.

I don’t care if it isn’t your personal lifestyle, I don’t care if you don’t approve. I don’t go changing the names of Christian groups to say that the Islam Nation is doomed to hell, I don’t switch the group titles from various college affiliations to say that all members are inbred mongrels with ties to communistic beliefs, and I don’t flip the group from a nostalgic love of the Muppets to a furry fetish. So who is this person that takes a group that is laughing over the lyrics to a SONG for Pete’s sake, and switches it to a group that makes light of the disappearance of a small child and then to a group that has no tolerance whatsoever for people that are honest about their own feelings or infected with a horrible illness?

I’m sorry. That’s just not cool. Not cool at all.