Confessions of a homebody

Sometimes I feel like I am betraying my generation.

I am a single thirty-something woman.  I have friends that want to meet after work for happy hour, which I enjoy but usually am too brain dead to participate.  In fact I have spent my Friday evening thus far in the company of ten people older than me by 15-30 years and then out with a friend for snacks, ignoring everyone that was at the bar because we wanted to catch up, all the while not being able to wait until I got home because I couldn’t wait to take a shower, change out of my work clothes, and veg in the recliner. Continue reading

Confessions of a TV on DVD addict

I really do have things to do in my life, truly I do. Yet I find myself sitting down each night, watching TV. And not just TV, but three or four commercial-free episodes that are on TV DVDs. Ever since I was a kid, books, music, movies, stories, TV–these are the things that allow me to escape from my own reality and live elsewhere.

Starting in October, I did a rewatch of the full Buffy the Vampire Slayer run followed by all five seasons of Angel. I’d play an episode as I went to bed at night (not the greatest bedtime story, natch). When that finished in February I was a bit lost, and needed something else to watch. Up came Sports Night. One of the greatest, yet under appreciated shows ever. Then I found the loaner copy of Battlestar Galatica: Season Two. I watched it in a weekend. Borrowed season 2.5, that’s done, and now I’m working my way through season 3 while making sure season 4 is recorded on TiVo. Yep, I’m a junkie. And I’m not even a SciFi fan. I heard an interview with Katie Sackoff today (Kara “Starbuck” Thrace) and she said that she thinks one of the reason it appeals so much is that it is a SciFi show where the SciFi aspect of it takes a back seat. That might be why I enjoy it so much. Continue reading