A Light in the Darkness

Hurricane Irene made its way up the coast on Saturday, August 29, 2011.  Set to hit my town around 5pm, I woke up that morning to darkness and rain, and by noon I had lost power at home.  The next ten days were a reminder of how to make things so much simpler, as I still had no power. The last time I lost power this bad was when Hurricane Isabel (what is it with the girl I’s?) hit.  It landed in Richmond on a Thursday, and then I took off on Sunday for South Korea.  Had to go halfway around the world for a hot shower, but hey, it was better than the fourteen days at home I had no power.

This time I did, however, have generous friends who would let me come over and shower at their place.  My days became an interesting mix of “where’s an outlet??” and “Well, it’s dark, so time for bed!”.  Here’s a typical day: Wake up with the sun and cell phone alarm ACTUALLY WORKED.  Usually around 630 or 7.  Make sure all electronics that need charging are packed and ready to go: cell phone, laptop, kindle.  Get ready for work, then leave a few minutes early so I could stop at the bagel shop and get breakfast before going into the office.

Work as normal for the day.

Around 5 start to head home.  Try and figure out what cold foods I have for dinner, what drive through doesn’t make me nauseous to contemplate eating, and then grab dinner.  Go home, let dog out.  Eat dinner.  Try and do a bit of housework (dusting or sweeping) before figuring eh, why bother. Continue reading