Doctor Grover, at your service!

dr-groverI have to say when I saw this photo I was absolutely thrilled.  Then I found out he was going to be on Scrubs.  Now I would normally watch Scrubs anyway, but this just made me want to watch even more.  It was a short scene, didn’t last more than 45 seconds or so, but he even managed to get in the “Near . . . . . . . . Faaaarrrrrr!” that instantly brought back images from the original Sesame Street TV show.

Here’s to the brilliance that is, was, and forever shall be Jim Henson.  What a wonderful way to continue these characters, and such a great use of an old favorite!

(Now if they had only had Super Grover crash through the door in order to save the day, or Waiter Grover deliver Kelso his muffin . . . .)