Anything for the kids!

So it was 102 degrees outside today, with a heat index of another seven degrees I think.  So what did I do?

Worked outside all day.

Today was a fund raising golf tournament for Prevent Blindness.  I have worked it for six or seven years now, and it’s a fantastic cause.  I would have gone regardless.  But still, all told, it was hot.  Very hot.  Hot enough that it makes you wonder if you forgot to ask for forgiveness for something.

Over the years, we’ve had days that were horribly cold around 40 degrees, last year the tournament was called because of violent thunderstorms, evidently one year before I started there was a tornado that came through . . . and this year it was just dang hot.  No breeze, no clouds, just sun and lots of heat.

But all told, the auction went well and there were several auction items.  It was a fun event, and I’ll see them next year!

Special Olympics and Best Friends

So today was the hottest day of the year. I don’t do hot weather, that’s a given, yet for some reason a few weeks ago I decided to sign myself and B up to cheer at the Special Olympics for the tennis matches. The AC must have been off at work that day and caused my brain to malfunction.

So 100 degrees outside, and we went to watch the SOs. We had fun! We got lost, even on campus, and only got to watch two games between two girls that were actually roommates for the event. Given that one of them had never played singles before–she was supposed to play doubles and instead they messed up and put her in singles–she did a great job. And B, bless her, didn’t quite get tennis etiquette. “Ssshhh!” became my favorite word. But the girls did a great job, we had fun, and we even got out a bit early.

When we got home, my next door neighbor was finishing up her yard sale, so we joined her out there for awhile. Hot as hades, but in the shade with the fan blowing on us it wasn’t that bad. We had a visit, then realized that our slumber-party-that-isn’t was starting in two hours. So run home we did.

The it was off to C’s, where her husband, bless his heart, was conned into cooking burgers for the six of us with the understanding that he could then play poker all night. Made him happy. C, A, V, H, and B showed up too, and the six of us ate a ton, watched Juno, and just had a blast. How sad is it, though, that I then am home by 12 because I’m too tired to stay up?

Still, it was a fun day. Tomorrow I’m looking forward to church and then chilling out at home for awhile. Might catch a movie, might not, but it should be fun!!

Hope everyone else had a great weekend, and stay cool!

Friday afternoon . . .

I am sitting in my living room at 130 on a Friday, the door open, the TV on, and feeling incredibly guilty because I’m not at work.  It isn’t like I’m playing hooky or anything, I’m billed in as taking 4 vacation hours so that I can attend a family reunion this evening.  I’m not even busy at work, it just feels weird having the rest of this beautiful day off while everyone else is working.

I really do need to get over my guilt complex issues and just say to hell with it.  I know this.  Easier said than done, though!

I’m off to clean house, shower, and pack before heading west!  Have a happy Friday!

There goes the weekend

Remember that to do list that I had from last weekend?  Yeah, well, a lot of it was going to carry over to this weekend.  I had plans to spend time on Saturday with H because her kids were with their dad, and the resuming of Sunday night dinner (the girls gather here and we watch Gray’s Anatomy after dinner–tradition left over from when it actually aired on Sundays!), but other than that the weekend was mine.  I could change out the closets, work in the yard, watch a movie, CLEAN THE HOUSE, clean the back room, and so on.

First, H has the kids.  No biggie, when she drops the youngest off for a bowling birthday party the oldest will bowl with the two of us.  Then today I found out that one of our locations is going to be extremely short handed tomorrow and they really need workers.  So somehow I felt guilty enough to get roped in.

I really need to work on my guilt issues.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind helping, and since I’ll be back by 4 I will be able to meet H and the kids for dinner–albeit at Cici’s Pizza, home of the gastronomy nightmare.  But we have to be in the company car and on the road no later than 730 am, a time which I am usually starting to hit the snooze bar because I don’t get up until 8.

Let’s just say I don’t do mornings well, and I’m not looking forward to the hours tomorrow.  Well, to be fair, it’s not that I don’t do mornings well it’s more that I just don’t wake up well regardless of the time.  6 am, 9 am, if I haven’t had enough sleep it’s all bad.  I do get a comp day to use in the future, woohoo, but I still not looking forward to it.  Plus 90 miles each way with a girl I barely know, and I have to drive.

I would so take that comp day on Monday if next week wasn’t the week from hell.  Maybe I can make Memorial Day a four day weekend???

Hey everyone!

Okay, so I finally caved. I am creating a blog.

God help me.

I read blogs for many of my friends, but always thought that for just me it was a waste of time. Well, today I changed my mind.

You ever just get the feeling that you want to rant? Need a giant soapbox that allows you to vent, get everything off your mind, and then feel better with no worries? Just go on with life? So yeah, I signed up for a blog. Blame Plenipotentiary for the format, I think hers is one of the easiest ones I read so I came to wordpress. Liked what I saw, so here I am.

Blame me, blame Cam, blame the Olympics (which was the soapbox du jour), blame the grammar girl in me, but here I am, so look out everyone!

I might be here to stay.