When all else fails, you can always find time for a movie!

It may be late in the day, but I didn’t forget!  Movies have actually been on my mind a lot lately–basically because I own so many DVDs and don’t watch many anymore.  So I’m trying to figure out which ones to keep and which ones to purge.  Plus there are many that I own that I’ve never seen, so that’s first on the priority list!!!  I’ve almost finished my conversion project, switching a bunch of VHS tapes to DVD format, so we’ll see how far I can take this ‘clean and toss’ mode I’m in!!!

Sunday Social

This Weeks Questions:

1. What is your favorite movie of all time? Continue reading

A fashionista I am not

I have visions in my head of being a fashionista, being stylish, being someone who can walk into a store and purchase something off the rack and it looks awesome with no effort.  Instead I shop plus size websites whenever the clothing I am wearing develops holes or tears, and even then it’s only if I choose not to pay the power bill for the month.

Sunday SocialWhat is your favorite store to shop at?
Hobby stores, mostly.  Craft stores.  Bed Bath and Beyond.

If you could afford anything and everything, which designer brand would you covet?
For me it’s shoes.  I love shoes.  And more shoes need to come in wide widths.

Must have closet staple?
Black.  Black pants every day in the winter.  Black shirts, tshirts, etc.  Black shoes.  Black everything.

Favorite kind of shoes? (brand or type)
In summer, my Yoga Sandals.  I’ve never had anything more comfortable in my life.  Only the damn dog just took a chunk out of my blue pair.  During the winter, my Danskos.

Best clothing deal you’ve ever gotten? (sale or amazing find)
I bought thirteen dresses for my brother’s wedding.  The first one, which I ended up never wearing, was an evening dress that was originally $349 and was on sale.  I went to the register and it rang up for $23.  But it wasn’t appropriate once I found out what the other bridesmaids were wearing.  So I still have it in the closet.

Style you’d love to try?
Any of them!

Feeling a bit Peevish

Sorry for the late posting, but I am currently without phone, cable, or internet at home.  Stupid super storm that wasn’t still managed to bring down a tree limb on my service line.  Grrrr.

Sunday Social
1. What is your biggest driving pet peeve?
When I graciously let someone into the lane in front of me and they don’t say thank you via a hand wave.  And I’m not talking about the single figured wave either, I mean acknowledging that I let them cut in the lane.

2. Biggest Blogging pet peeve?
That I still can’t make WordPress work properly on my mobile device.

3. Biggest general pet peeve?
Men who come out of the bathroom and are still buttoning their fly.  I know what you just did in there.  I know what you just touched.  And you didn’t wash your hands?  Ew.  Gross.

4. What is your most irrational fear?
That something will happen to me and I’ll be at home and no one will notice me missing.  That I’ve fallen or gotten sick or died and am all alone.

5. 3 celebrities you’d want to have dinner with?
I don’t know that the three of them would work TOGETHER, per se, but I still think it would be fun with them all–Tori Spelling, Lauren Graham, and Wil Wheaton

Back to the Beginning

Sometimes it’s nice to remember your roots.  Go back to the beginning.  Reinforce your motivation.  Remember why you started this to begin with anyway.  That’s the focus of this week’s Sunday Social!

Sunday Social

How did you come up with your blog name?
I knew that the blog would be random bits and pieces as they floated across my brain.  I also went to Virginia Tech, and am therefore a Hokie.  Voila.

What is your favorite thing about blogging?
That it is a spot that I can vent in.  It’s a place I can brag in.  It’s a way to alleviate stress.  It’s also a way to remember.  Remember the fun.  Remember the events.  Remember the emotion involved.  Of course, that means that I need to remember to blog about many of these things, and lately I tend to be doing link parties, but that’s okay.

What is one thing you have discovered because of blogging and now can’t live without?
Excellent question.  I really don’t know.  I enjoy blogging, I enjoy reading the blogs of others, but I don’t know that I have discovered anything new.  Just enjoyed what I have in a different ways.

Facebook or Twitter? and why?
Facebook.  Because it’s enough of a time-suck as it is.  I can’t afford another, greater time-suck in my life.  So I just stay away from Twitter altogether. I actually have an account–have since 2006.  But I never use it.  Plus, I have to admit, ever since the Library of Congress announced that they considered tweets to be published material, therefore they would be archiving all tweets posted on Twitter, I have abstained.  I just have a hard time participating in something that considers the likes Kourtney Kardashian or Ashton Kutcher worthy of being alongside Shakespeare and JK Rowling in the preservation of our history.

If one celeb read your blog who would you want it to be?
One?  Just one?  Um, let’s see.  Tori Spelling?  I just feel like she’s down to earth despite the money she had growing up, has real world problems, and would be cool to hang with.  Or Lauren Graham–gotta support the Virginia girl, plus she seems like she’d be a hoot.

What is something you want people to know about your blog?
That it’s not about home improvement, unless you count how I’m blogging about the fact I finally cleaned my house.  It’s not about crafting, unless you see the photo of the blanket I made.  It’s not about sponsored posts, because I wouldn’t have a clue how to even do that.  It doesn’t have ads, because I don’t do this for revenue purposes.  It doesn’t have anything other than me.  And that’s just fine.

I Love A Rainy Night

As I sit here typing this, the thunder is rolling outside my living room window.  The only thing that is missing is a front porch to watch the storm.  There truly is nothing like the summer flash storms that crop up and quickly soak the earth!

As it is Sunday, here is the linky party of the day:

Sunday Social
1. What is your favorite Social Media outlet?
I’ve kind of refrained from most of them lately.  If I have to get on and cyberstalk my friends, I guess I still use Facebook.  Occasionally I get into Pinterest mode, mostly when slow at work.  Only that hasn’t happened in a LOOOOOOng while.

2. Do you subscribe to any daily news reads?
Most of the daily news subscriptions I have are for blogs.  Young House Love or Pop Candy to name two.

3. Favorite Magazine to have by the pool?
Sports Illustrated, People, or a brain teaser book

4. Favorite summertime song?
Oh, there are so many.  “School’s Out” by Alice Cooper.  “Summertime Blues” by Eddie Cochran.  “Under the Boardwalk” by the Drifters.  “Cruel Summer” by Bananarama.  “Summer of 69” by Bryan Adams.  “Boys of Summer” by Don Henley.  “Hot Fun In The Summertime” by Sly and the Family Stone.  and “Wild Summer Nights” by John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band.  Bonus points if you can name the movie that’s from.  LOVE that movie.

5. Best Summer concert you’ve been to?
I should say the Newsboys the first time I saw them live, back when Peter was still fronting the band.  But honestly?  I’ve seen one band twice in the last three years thanks to my brother.  And I gotta say, that last year?  In July?  With sweltering heat and a huge crowd?  An old friend from 20 years ago who bought the tickets next to us for he and his son as a surprise (best! surprise!).  I have to go with Motley Crue/KISS.  Motley Crue isn’t my favorite band.  Far from it.  But they were entertaining and put on a show.  But KISS?  They kicked ass.  Great company, generosity of my brother, and one of the best musical concerts I have seen in years.  Love the Demon, love the Starchild, but long live Tommy Thayer as the Spaceman!

Attempting to be Sociable

Sunday Social Happy Sunday Social time!

This Weeks Questions:

Best Summer memory as a kid? See yesterday’s post.  Between that and the annual trips to Nags Head where we had seven people in a one room efficiency, priceless memories.

Favorite summer drink?  Sweet Tea

Favorite Summer TV show? Summer for me is a marathon of USA shows-Covert Affairs, Suits, Royal Pains, Burn Notice

Best outdoor summer activity? Hammock sitting

Summer vacation essentials? A loaded kindle and a pocket full of cash to stop at the vegetable stand on the way down to the beach

Dream a Little Dream

I don’t know why, but that chorus is playing in my head as I type out my answers to this week’s Sunday Social questions!

Sunday Social1. What is your favorite kind of surprise?
One that I plan for someone else.  I love surprising others.  Hate it when it happens to me.  Seriously can’t stand it.  So much fun to organize and pull off something spectacular for someone else.  But I am such a control freak I hate not knowing what is going on and dislike having them thrown my way in such an insane way.

2. Flowers or Chocolate?
Flowers, usually.  They’re something I don’t do well raising on my own, so I always appreciate the frivolity of having someone else provide them. 

3. What is your favorite summertime activity?
Hammock sitting.  Well, no, that’s not true.  Walking on the beach early morning, followed by some time in the sun, flying kites, fishing off the little bridge, cooking dinner, and then playing cards all night.  But as I currently cannot afford such luxuries, I settle for hammock sitting.

4. Do you have any vacations planned this Summer?
I’m taking a day off to volunteer at a golf tournament . . . .  And I get a bit of a break when the boss is gone for a week.

5. Favorite Summer Holiday?
July 4.  Not just favorite summer holiday, but all time favorite holiday.  And people always look at me like I am off my rocker when I say that.  But think about it–no budget busting gift shopping, no family feud over who you are spending the most time with for the holiday and accusations of ignoring other families etc.  No stress.  No obligation.  Hang out with whomever you please, eat, drink, and be merry, and then watch things explode in the sky.

6. Dream Vacation?
Oh so many things I want to do and places I want to go.  See more of Europe.  See more of Asia.  See anyplace.  I love traveling.  See new places.  Go to the theater!  Lots and lots of theater to see.  Spend ten days at the beach, all expenses paid, fly kites, eat fruit, and play cards all night.  

My boring life

Sunday Social

I read this week’s questions, and I couldn’t help but laugh.  Read why below:

This Weeks Questions:

Did you sleepwalk as a child? Nope.  Slept like a log.  Still do.

Did you ever try to run away or sneak out of your house? Nope.  May have wanted to, but just went to dad’s for the weekend instead.  And sneaking out?  Forget it.  Not a chance.

Did you have any imaginary friends? Nope.  My brother did, but I had books.  All the friends I needed.

Did you ever go toilet papering? Nope.  Did go forking though, much more effective, and you can create patterns!  Best to do it in wet ground, though.

(Not my house)

Did you ever sneak tv shows you weren’t allowed to watch? Nope.  This is why having a stay at home (all.the.time) single mom was always a bummer.


Spring Forgot To Arrive On Time This Year

The calendar may say it’s spring, but Mother Nature hasn’t gotten the memo.  My sinuses, however, seem to have looked at the calendar and now are waiting for Mother Nature to arrive to finish the job.  I’m going on two weeks of this sinus garbage and I’m not enjoying this continual pounding in my head.  So much so that I’ve spent every waking moment not at work on the couch practicing my mouth-breathing.  Ugh.

On the other hand, the arrival of spring also brings the Lenten season and Holy Week.  I was at rehearsal today for the Palm Sunday service at church, and the music is Ah. Maze. Ing.  So excited to hear the performance Sunday morning.

Sunday Social

1. What is your favorite thing about Spring?
All the new growth.  Flowers trying to make their way in the world after the chill of winter.  The riot of color before it gives in to the green of summer.

2. Favorite kind of flowers to grow or receive?
Does basil count as a flower to grow?  I love it.  It’s also the only thing I haven’t killed other than a jade plant on the kitchen windowsill.  As much as I love the aforementioned riot of color I am horribly allergic to just about all of it.  So favorites to receive?  Probably tulips and daffodils, as they don’t aggravate as much.  Plus they are oh so pretty.

3. What is your favorite nail polish color?
The ones I like never look that great on my fingers.  I love bold pastel pinks and deep burgundy or wine tones.  I just painted them a soft opal shimmer, actually, but I know it won’t last any longer than my shower tomorrow morning.  I just cannot get polish to stick to my fingernails longer than a few hours.  I’ve tried every base coat out there, and no luck.  Any recommendations on how to get the polish to stick??? 

4. What is your favorite outdoor activity?
See the above statements regarding my allergies.  I can’t spend but so long out there without breaking into hives.  But when it’s good, the favorites include spending a great spring day out on the kite flying field, a balmy summer day hammock sitting with a good book, and fall afternoons at college football games.

5. Do you have any fun Spring plans?
Right now, to get healthy!  My birthday is coming soon, as is the new niece, so plans are all involved around that big event!

A Season for Everything

Some weeks you just need the time to decompress.  Don’t change out of pajamas, stay in the house all day.  This weekend was unexpectedly one of those weekends–my trip to Charlottesville got postponed, my mom isn’t in a place to have help, and my nana won’t be moving for another three weeks.  It’s been raining off and on all weekend, and I think spring is officially here as I have a faucet for a nostril, can’t close my mouth my lips are so chapped, and sinuses are so swollen my teeth hurt.  What a crappy way to spend the unexpectedly free weekend.  Still, it could be worse!

Once again, I’m playing heathen and skipping church.  I just didn’t think it would be attractive to be snorting, sneezing, and blowing my nose through the entire 90 minute service.  Much as I want to be there–I’ve been missing praise and worship lately–I think it’s just better to stay at home.  So why not take the chance to take care of my link parties for the week!Sunday Social

This Weeks Questions:

1. Favorite thing to do on a rainy day?
In the days where I had a front porch, sit on the front porch and watch the rain, read a book, relax.  Now?  Stay on the couch, watch the rain, watch movies, chill.

2. Favorite thing to do on a Summer weekend?
Worship the Air Conditioning and stay inside.  If it’s not too humid (rare around here) then sit in the hammock, read.  

3. Favorite Spring accessory?
My yoga shoes!!!

4. Favorite way to spend a Winter day?
Wish for snow, stay in and knit

5. What is your favorite season and why?
Fall!  Football weather, crisp air, not too hot, awesome!

6. Best birthday you ever had?
37 was pretty cool, as I got a nephew via my stepsister.  This year (40) should be pretty awesome, as my brother’s wife is giving me a niece!

The solo life

I am being a heathen this morning.  Well, a partial heathen.  I’ll go to church to teach at 1115, but I’m skipping the service at 930.  Just didn’t want to hustle this morning!  Instead I had myself a relaxing morning breakfast, now I’m watching Wayne’s World while biding my time to get ready.  Not exactly part of the Lenten season requirements, you know?  So while I’ll be social in a bit, here’s my cyber social event!

Sunday Social

This Weeks Questions:

1. What is one movie you are terrified to watch?
There was some horror movie on one night when I was a kid and had a babysitter, and the guys head exploded on stage.  I don’ remember more than that, but that scarred me for years.

2. What is one TV show you have always wanted to get into but haven’t yet?
I watch enough TV as it is, but there are a few that are popular now that I’ve never watched.  Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire, Walking Dead, True Blood, Modern Family, Weeds, Revenge, Once Upon A Time, all these are on that list.

3. What is one daring activity on your bucket list?
Skydiving, bungee jumping

4. Would you ever travel alone?
Depends on where.  NYC, DC, someplace like that, sure.  Moscow, Beijing, maybe not.

5. What activities do you like to do alone?
Couch on a Saturday afternoon, hammock sitting, grocery shopping, driving

Five Things

I enjoyed this week’s list!  It was fun.  I got to troll through iTunes and my Kindle to find most played songs and half read books, and found a bunch of songs that I still want to play and other books I want to read instead!  So here, on this dreary Sunday, is the Sunday Social!

Sunday Social

This Weeks Questions: Brought to you by the number 5

  1. 5 songs you’ll listen to the rest of your life:
    Oh gosh I feel like these change on a regular basis.  Right now? 
    Jesus Freak by DC Talk, Do You Hear What I Hear by Spiraling (yes I know it’s Christmas.  I don’t care.  It’s a Who song.)  We Are The Normal by the Goo Goo Dolls, Under the Scotsman’s Kilt by the Irish Rovers, and Travelin’ Soldier by the Dixie Chicks.
  2. 5 things on your bucket list:
    Pay off student loans, get married, have six months salary in the bank in reserve, be able to routinely support the missions work at my church both financially and with my presence, and learn to play the cello.  Competently.
  3. 5 celebs you’d love to hang out with for a day:
    This is hard.  I am limiting myself to currently living celebs (so no Katherine Hepburn) and female (so they can come to girls night).  Lauren Graham, Tori Spelling, Anjelah Johnson, Katie Holmes (‘cause that girl needs some of the normalcy found in a girls night) and Betty White.  Because the six of us would have a darn good time.  If boys were allowed to attend, Wil Wheaton, Nathan Fillion, and Joss Whedon.
  4. 5 things you always carry on your purse:
    Wine Key (the waitress in me shall never die), screwdriver, lipsticks (yes plural, though I only ever wear one), cigar case (for ‘supplies’), glasses case.  Glasses, of course, may be optional.
  5. 5 books on your reading list:
    I have tried for years to finish Water for Elephants.  I have a deal going with a friend to read Les Misérables this year.  One of these years I’m going to read the Bible through in a year and not get to Judges and quit or (like last time) Psalms and give up (not a poetry fan).  I have never been able to bring myself to read anything by Jane Austen, though same friend swears it’s her favorite author.  And I’d like to read more true life biographies, like the story of the Brooklyn bridge. 
  6. Share the last 5 pictures on your phone
    I’d love to, but they were of a children’s production at my church this evening (109 kids in grades K-5, and they did AWESOME.  So proud of them.) and I don’t post photos of other people’s children without their permission.  So here are the five other recent photos.


My Sunday night girls and I don’t exchange Christmas gifts, instead we try to do something together.  This year the VMFA had a Chihuly exhibit.  We thought it was different, but had no idea how much we’d enjoy it.  Truly breathtaking work.  We made a fantastic memory.


I cannot explain how amazing this piece is.  It’s about twelve feet long,
hanging from the ceiling.  Simply spectacular.


One of the installations was outside, and the recent “snow” left a pretty
picture from this second story window.


New favorite beer found that night.  First ginger beer I’ve found that tastes
like true ginger, not sicky sweet.


Interesting shot, it was a full moon on the way home that night!


And since I won’t post photos of the kids, I’ll include this one from the
same night since it’s of an adult.  I love this new app I found.  We had so much fun
waiting for the kids to come to dinner tonight.

Blast from the past

Sunday Social 

Next Weeks Questions: Lets talk about those awkward years:

1. Biggest Middle school fashion mistake
Minidresses with legwarmers.  Hey, I’m an 80s child!
2. Who were your best friends in hs? Pics?
It was a regular revolving door.  Tanya, Kirsten, Christy, Tanya, Kim, Robbie, Ethan, Johnny, all great friends.  No photos, or at least not to post here!
3. What was a typical weekend like for you in hs?
Babysitting somewhere, I’m sure.  Football games and after game dances on Fridays into Junior/Senior year.  Church on Sundays.
4. Did you have any boyfriends/girlfriends? Tell us about that
I didn’t date much in high school.  The one guy I dated my senior year was, um, a bit older let’s say, and was from church, so we just hung out a lot because people didn’t approve very much.
5. Did you have any secret codes with your friends? Spill your secrets!
Secret codes, no.  But the girls shared notebooks that we passed back and forth between classes or folded up notes.  This was before the age of texting and email, y’all, it’s what we had to do.
6. If you could relive one day/moment/experience from middle school or high school, what would it be?
Not many, to tell you the truth.  I hated that time in my life, all seven years.  Well, maybe hate is a strong word, but there is certainly nothing in there I want to relive.  At All!

The other people holiday

Welcome to this week’s edition of Sunday Social.  This week’s theme is, not surprisingly, related to Valentine’s Day.  Being single on Valentine’s Day, as I have been the majority of my life, is something that just makes the holiday a bit more despicable to bear.  Doesn’t help that those lovey dovey people like to stretch it out.  My friend V texted me on Wednesday morning saying happy VDay with a monster face (it was awesome).  But a whole day early?  It’s bad enough it’s one day, don’t stretch it out!  All this to say that here is your advance notice.  If this sounds a bit bitter, I apologize! 🙂

Sunday Social1. Best Valentines Day you’ve ever had:
It’s been a long time.  Somehow I always seem to break up with people in January, so I’m usually single.  I  seem to fondly recall a Valentine’s Day in college where I was still dating JT, so that was fun.  But in the 20 years since I don’t recall any that were particularly memorable.  Mostly because I was working in a nice restaurant for ten years, so Valentine’s Day was always about hard work, trying to get home by midnight, and hopefully making bank.

2. Worst Valentines Day you’ve ever had:
There was a girl in college that tried to hook me up with a friend of her boyfriend.  We went to Outback Steakhouse for dinner. Only thing he said to me was “You like Blue Cheese Dressing?”.  Seriously.  All night.  Spoke to them, though.  Then he wanted to watch Cops when we got home.  And he wondered why I was not interested when he thought it went so well . . . .

3. What did you do for Valentines this year?
Work as usual.  Worked late, actually, until about 630.  Bought gas on the way home, and tried to find a place that sold Crabbie’s beer.  Got home around 730, and got my 2012 tax information together to send to my accountant (aka dad).  Real romantic, huh?

4. Best Valentines Idea if you’re single:
It’s a day like any other

5. Favorite Valentines Candy?
Chocolate covered strawberries.  Champagne!

6. Favorite Valentines Memory from your childhood:
We never made a big deal out of this one as a kid, either.  I should have seen it as a pattern–I used to babysit for others to go out and enjoy the day!

It’s Elementary, my dear

Sunday Social
1. What was your first car?
1988 Toyota Corolla.  Granny’s grocery cart, bought at an auction, it only had 50000 miles on it when I got it in 1993. 
2. Who was your favorite childhood teacher?
Ms. McCreary.  She loved us so much she moved from first to third grade so she could keep teaching us! 
3. Were you involved in any sports/extracurricular activities? Share pictures if you can!
I used to swim.  I loved it.  Sucked at it, but loved it.  Still do.
4. What was your favorite birthday party?
When I turned 10 I was in 5th grade.  I had my first (and only) slumber party.  Ten girls all got to spend the night at my house.  It was awesome.
5. Who was your teen celebrity crush?
I don’t think I ever was the kind of girl to poster her walls with copies of Teen Beat or anything like that, instead I followed music.  I was obsessed with the early sixties rock groups, the Beatles, and yes I admit it, Duran Duran.
6. What show/movie did your parents not allow you to watch?
Sixteen Candles.  My mom’s then-boyfriend came in during the opening credits scene when there are two kids walking into school with their hands in each others back pockets.  He went and told my mom that I was watching porn.  Never was allowed to watch that movie in their house….