Random stuff

Here are a few of the random things going through my mind.  It has been a crazy week, and there are just a few things I’ve bookmarked to talk about.

Part I: Update on the week thus far:

So this week has been interesting.  Never been unemployed before, never had to find another job right away–it was always something I could take my time with and not rush into anything.  Thus far I have managed to stick to my self-imposed requirement of five contacts/resumes out per day, and some of it has paid off.  I have had several ‘networking’ meetings, and I had my first interview today.  I am vastly overqualified for it, and he recognizes that I am vastly overqualified for it, but who knows.  Not what I want but it pays well and we can see what might happen with that.

So in addition to the five-a-day rule I have also seemed to be visiting a lot of people this week.  I spent Saturday at the movies with the girls, Sunday at the movies with the girls, and saw the girls briefly at Taco Bell on Monday before having dinner with my nana.  I saw my great friends R&C on Tuesday afternoon and spent the afternoon watching movies and catching up.  (For the record, C picked Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay for our first movie, and R decided to go for the uncut version.  Attend a frat party.  The beer’s usually free and you’ll have more fun.  Dumb, dumb movie!)  Wednesday was supposed to be my first day at home to do laundry and stuff, and instead my neighbor called around 1230 and said come swim in the pool.  We took a break around 330 to get some food, call B to come over for a cookout, etc., and then stayed out until after 8.  I was sunburned, my sides hurt from laughing, and I had a great time. Thursday after the networking meeting I had an invite to go to my cousin’s house.  I hadn’t seen the house yet or the baby since he was born, so I went.  Stayed six hours, had a great time catching up with my cousin’s wife.  Today I had an interview, then my friend H had free tickets to go see Guys and Dolls at the Empire Theater.  That was probably one of the best productions I have seen locally in a long time!

The good thing is that Continue reading

I don’t even LIKE Ashton Kutcher

It seems like every time I turn on the television, that crazy Ashton Kutcher commercial for Nikon is on.  Now, truth be told, I don’t even like the boy.  Granted, he has a beautiful wife and seems to be a great stepfather, but what on earth makes people think that his personal life combined with a dubious acting career makes him the prime pitch person for Nikon cameras?

Yet I can’t help it, I want one.

I’ve been looking at digital SLR cameras for awhile, now, and after decades of my Pentax and loving my point and shoot digital, I have to admit that Nikon was one of the two that I was looking at.  And darned if his commercial doesn’t make me want it more.

So while I would normally say that advertising on TV doesn’t have any bearing on my choices (usually because I am fast forwarding through them all) I guess, in this case, it actually worked!

Technical Malfunction

So as I have said before, I am a TV whore. Vulgar, but oh-so-true. When cable or TiVo don’t work then it’s a bad thing around here.

But what cracks me up is when it tricks me out. I came home from work tonight and did the usual routine–cleaned up the kitchen a bit, took out recycling, took a shower, made dinner, etc. Then I rewound the TiVo (gotta love that 30 minute delay) to catch Jeopardy. Made sure the channel wasn’t frozen on the digital cable, something that is common in this weather, and settled down to enjoy the show. At 8pm on the clock, the TiVo started recording this month’s guilty pleasure–So You Think You Can Dance. After dinner and cleaning up I settled in to watch the show.


The TiVo thought it had switched channels and was recording, but the weather conditions are worsening and therefore the cable box only registered two of the first three digits to change the channel. As there is no channel 01, I ended up getting 40 minutes of Wife Swap. Not only did I get 40 minutes of the atrocity I also had the blue kyron info bar at the bottom of the screen. On Wife Swap! I’m sorry, but this ranks right up there with American Idol, that annoying nanny lady, and Something About Jim as one of the worst shows on TV.

Give me the talented, deluded, fit, and delusional auditions over on Fox, please. I want my 20 minutes back.

Technological Advances

The news today that HBO will be making shows available on iTunes has some people in commenting like crazy. “Why buy items for a disposable device” “Why have Tivo when you can watch online” “Why not wait for the DVD to come out”. It cracks me up. The people just start mouthing off and don’t listen to one another.

Look, I have cable, an iPod, satellite radio, and Tivo. As a matter of fact, I had the Tivo before I had any of those things. Had to be the only person in the state that had Tivo with a set of rabbit ears coming off the back of it, but there you go. I bought it and paid the full subscription price up front about six years ago. Now, I’m the Tivo people’s worst nightmare. I’ve had the same device for two or three years longer than they would expect without upgrading, and therefore have no fees, no nothing. The only reason I got a land line when I bought this house four years ago is because I needed it for the Tivo to dial in. (And I like the availability of a land line, but that’s irrelevant). I purchased the machine three days before I was leaving to go to South Korea for two weeks–and I realized that the fall TV season would be starting while I was out of the country. How was I to know that there was going to be a hurricane and I wouldn’t have power at the house for ten days while I was gone. Go figure. Continue reading