So are these lyrics brilliant or absurd?

Look, I have very particular music tastes.  I know this.  I enjoy a very wide variety of song genres, but the basic requirement is that it must have a lyric that I not only understand but enjoy singing along with as well.  Thus Broadway is a love because it hits all types, hits all genres, has lyrics you get, tells a story, and is just fun.

SXSW is always a great deal of fun for me, even though I don’t go.  The lovely performers make their music available for downloading, and I get it all.  Yes, all.  All 600+ songs each year.  It takes a bit of weeding, and some stuff you just know isn’t going to be worth listening to after three seconds.  And trust me–there is some weird stuff in there!

There are the surprises that you find and fall in love with.  April Verch.  Amos Lee.  Blackie and the Rodeo Killers.  Then there are those you already know that show up, like Chatham County Line, Flogging Molly, Aimee Mann, Kate Voegle, and so on.

It takes me awhile to weed through the songs, as I don’t get to listen to stuff at work like I used to.  Usually I keep between 100-125 songs from each year.  Some years are good for Rock, some for Singer/Songwriter, a few years ago it was AltCountry.  You never really know.  But I get some great stuff mixed in with the true lemons.

Then there is this one I ran across today.  I started to delete it, then it grew on me.  And I can’t decide if the lyrics are brilliant or just the stupidest thing I have ever heard.  It’s supposedly from a song called Lump by The Presidents of the United States of America–that’s how it downloaded at least.  You listen to it, and it’s, uh, well, not.  Turns out it’s actually a song called Peaches. Continue reading